this is my website about the Oculus Rift and why I (Dinasty Kelly) deserve to use it!:) Here's a link where you can buy it (even though you already have it) : Oculus Rift!.

My amazing teacher John Garvey should let me use the oculus rift because i'm an amazing student and I love his amazing class.

Here's pictures of people using the Oculus Rift:

In all of the pictures of people using the Oculus Rift that I saw on Google Images, the person who was using the VR gear had the same facial expressions for some reason which is kind of weird. If I get to use the Oculus Rift, I promise not to make those creepy faces. :)

Reasons why I should be able to use the Oculus Rift:

I hope I can get my own Oculus Rift one day. I currently don't own one because

  • 1.Im broke because I spend my money on food.
  • 2.Im not a cool math teacher.
  • 3.Facebook doesnt want to sponsor me and send me an Oculus Rift.
  • If I get chosen to use the Oculus Rift, I would like to play a scary game or the eagle one. Those seem the most interesting and fun to me. I also saw that there was a whole website of games which is cool. here it is: